We offer our clients and members trusted and solutions-based services through customized programs that center on Public Engagement, Compliance, Research Studies, and Advocacy.  


Our objective has always been to build stronger communities by providing them greater access and more resources. All of our projects include drawing diverse community members into the conversation. We engage, inform and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Our outreach and engagement process reflects the community's values, goals and objectives, increasing public confidence in decision-making. We set a clear direction in designing and planning your community engagement process that achieves the desired result. 


Our expertise in the field of contract compliance ensures that your next project will meet federal, state, and local disadvantaged, minority and women-owned business requirements. Our unique approach sets clear standards to meet government requirements. We have a sustainability methodology we use in assisting our clients in supplier selection. Our differentiator is in how we do it. We have experienced industry experts who are eager to take on your challenge and provide a custom-tailored solution to your specific business or public sector need.


Our in-depth studies are geared around how to build social equity into policy and practice for public and private entities. Our studies have outlined the importance of making systematic changes to advance equity and inclusion in policymaking and the risks and costs of ignoring this important issue. Our work has also outlined the need to reframe the narrative to reflect a socio-economic imperative that ultimately will affect a local economy's competitiveness. All of our research studies are guided and supported by data-driven, evidence-based models.   


We work tirelessly to advocate for appropriate government regulation that will facilitate the involvement of minorities and women in the mainstream of the economy. We advocate for legislation that promotes small business growth, particularly policies that address the challenges of historically underutilized businesses. We understand the importance of maintaining a bipartisan approach to advocacy and collaborate with policymakers from all political affiliations to advocate for policies that best serve the interest of underrepresented communities.